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Fast signal processing with ARM architecture processor It provides to find faulty component on the electronic board in a short time by using power-off test method TARZ27-TFT allows more than 10 various voltage combinations Analyzing the signature can quickly determine whether the component is good, bad or marginal Dont need the device circuit diagram for faulty the electronic boards for repairing. Voltage and frequency ranges can be selected manually or from computer software With the “Scan” button, voltage levels can be changed automatically in a loop With the trigger output, switched semiconductors can be easily tested without removing them from the electronic circuit board. Ability to work on its own LCD screen without the need for a pc softwared

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Nimrof TARZ27-TFT Electronic Fault Locator is designed to complement conventional test instruments in the debug and troubleshooting process. Nimrof TARZ27-TFT Curve tracer  is suited for todays varied signal circuit cards where Analog and Digital are mixed together. It provides to find faulty component on the electronic board in a short time by using power-off test method.

Nimrof TARZ27-TFT Curve tracer allows more than 10 various voltage combinations, it operates by applying a low current AC signal to two points of electronic equipment. The current flow appear a vertical signature deflection, while the applied voltage appear a horizontal deflection. Together they form a unique V/A signature that represents the overall health of the device under test. Analyzing the signature can quickly determine whether the component is good, bad, or marginal.

Nimrof TARZ27-TFT Electronic Fault Detection Device: Seamless, Precise, and Extensive Measurement Capacity

Nimrof TARZ27-TFT offers an exceptional solution in the field of electronic fault detection. This specialized device allows you to quickly and reliably identify potential faults in electronic boards. It operates without supplying power to electronic devices, ensuring safety and accuracy.

The Nimrof TARZ27-TFT Electronic Fault Locator is specifically designed to complement traditional test instruments in the process of debugging and troubleshooting. This device is well-suited for today’s diverse signal circuit boards where both analog and digital components are intertwined.

The Nimrof TARZ27-TFT Component tester stands out for its ability to rapidly identify faulty components on electronic boards when the power is turned off. It also offers over 10 different voltage combinations, providing greater control.

Using a reliable power-off test method that eliminates the risk of circuit damage often caused when power is applied, this device works by applying a low current AC signal to two points. The current flow creates a vertical signature deflection, while the applied voltage results in a horizontal deflection. The combination of these signatures forms a unique V/A signature that represents the overall health of the device under test. Signature analysis enables a quick determination of whether the component is in good working condition, faulty, or marginally performing.

In summary, the Nimrof TARZ27-TFT Electronic Fault Locator serves as a robust assistant in the debugging and troubleshooting of electronic circuits, ensuring a fast and accurate testing of components on complex signal boards.

Technological Superiority:

Extensive Measurement Capacity: TARZ27-TFT can perform measurements at 4 different voltages and 20 different frequencies, consolidating more than 10 measurement combinations in a single device.

Frequency Sensitivity: The behavior of electronic materials at different frequencies can be analyzed in detail and with precision using TARZ27-TFT. It provides valuable information about the material’s sensitivity to frequency.

Operating Principle:

TARZ27-TFT applies limited AC currents to the material on the electronic board, generating an impedance curve for the material. This curve visually reflects the material’s health or potential defects. Recorded impedance curves, with the help of computer software, enable fast and reliable fault detection by comparing them with previously recorded data.

Outstanding Features:

  • Electronic circuit recording feature
  • Suitable for electronic production and assembly companies
  • Trigger output for transistors and semiconductors

Materials Tested:

  • Passive materials (resistors, capacitors, coils, zener diodes, varactors)
  • Integrated circuits (digital and analog)
  • Opto-electronic materials (optocouplers, etc.)
  • Transistors (PNP, NPN, IGBT, JFET, SCR, triacs, MOSFET, bipolar, relays, etc.)
  • Relay contact terminal health
  • All semiconductor materials


  • Electronic circuit repairs
  • Electronic manufacturing companies
  • Material suppliers
  • Electronic education

Nimrof TARZ27-TFT rapidly and reliably detects issues in your electronic boards, saving you time and resources. Opt for this advanced device for professional electronic fault detection and enhance the smoothness of your projects.


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PROTEUS & Nimrof (You can easily transfer your circuit to nimrof software from the proteus circuit design program.)

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