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The use of personal information transmitted to Birrenk Bilgisayar Elektronik San Tic Şti. by using this website is possible with the conditions regulated in the Privacy Policy section.


Privacy Procedure

Under the heading of personal information, information is given about Birrenk Bilgisayar Elektronik San Tic Şti obligations and principles. As Birrenk Bilgisayar, we confirm that the relevant rules will be fully fulfilled by us. Thus, depending on the principles of personal information collection stated below, we make every effort to store all kinds of information collected by us with strict security and confidentiality measures taken by our team.

By minimizing the collection and use of personal information, we keep the collected personal information only for the time necessary for the transactions to take place, while providing you with the highest quality service and the best opportunities.

Our website contains links to sites that can demonstrate that they are sufficiently sensitive to privacy and comply with our standards. However, Birrenk Elektronik cannot be held responsible for the content or privacy practices of the relevant sites.


Personal Information Collection Procedure

By using our website, you agree to the collection and use of your information that can be obtained through the site by Birrenk Elektronik affiliated companies, partners, agencies and companies that Birrenk Bilgisayar Elektronik cooperates with anywhere in the world, including all countries in terms of security and accuracy of the transactions made.

It is mandatory for you to provide some personal information including but not limited to name, surname, identity document number, address, credit/debit card numbers, expiration date, security number, passport number, nationality, which may vary according to the product or service you have requested.

Failure to provide us with the information necessary for us to carry out your transactions may result in our inability to provide you with the expected service.

Your information may only be used for the purposes stated:

Processing your order and sale and managing your account.

Marketing our services and related products.

Creation of link lists, aggregation of commercial statistics and analysis of site usage, in order to provide statistics on your transactions and to maintain our connection with you.

Identification, verification and registration.

For the purposes of the above items;

in accordance with the applicable regulations, rules and regulations,

as long as it is implemented under the terms and conditions specified,

Data may be transferred to third parties in consideration of Birrenk Elektronik’s rights, law and profit/profit and/or the rights, law and profit/profit of other users of the website.

Many forms in which you send us information are encrypted during transmission and protected by SSL technology. Even after receipt, the data is protected by the strict security and confidentiality standards that have always been essential for us.

In order to benefit from SSL, your browser must support SSL and your SSL option must be activated.

The data you enter is stored by us for the duration of your transactions and legal requirements.

Accessing the data kept by us or changing the information can be done through the update pages.

Since we are constantly improving our website, there are also developments regarding the use of data. Any developments will be notified to you under the heading “Privacy Procedure”.