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Nimrof - Electronic Diagnostic Devices

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Founded in Istanbul in 2003, Nimrof Electronics Ltd. is a global technology company that develops and manufactures its own electronic designs. Offering innovative solutions in the field of electronic measuring instruments, we have reached a wide customer base. With our high-quality products, advanced production techniques, and customer-oriented approach, we have gained a strong reputation in the industry. We keep up with continuous changes in the industry to develop products that can meet all kinds of electronic needs.


Nimrof Elektronik

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Nimrof - Electronic Diagnostic Devices

Our Mission

At Nimrof Electronics, our goal is to achieve excellence in electronic design and manufacturing. By providing high-performance and reliable measuring instruments, we help our customers overcome technical challenges with innovative solutions. We are committed to continuous improvement and excellence, expanding our product range and dynamically meeting market needs by introducing technological innovations.

Nimrof - Electronic Diagnostic Devices

Our Vision

As Nimrof Electronics, our vision is to be a world leader in the electronic measuring instruments sector and to compete effectively in global markets. With our innovative and sustainable technologies, we aim to reach customers worldwide, taking a leading role in technological independence and creating local value. Our R&D and innovation-focused efforts aim to set the standards in the industry, making us an international reference point in electronics and technology.

After our increased self-confidence and the demand we have seen, we started to aim at chronic problems in the fault subjects, and developed AT540 which is a fault determination device for water leaks without destroying the whole building. Immediately after that, The AT550 model which can detect natural gas leaks and a mini model AT560 were released. Briefly, we tried to air our grievance for places where we got hurt without experience and skills…Thus Nimrof was created …

Nimrof - Electronic Diagnostic Devices

Nimrof, we think it happened!