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Nimrof - Electronic Diagnostic Devices

If there is necessity, we are he!!!

Birrenk Bilgisayar Elektronik Ltd was established in Istanbul in 2003 with the purpose of supplying products to computer, security electronics and technology markets throughout Turkey. It is certain that after sales technical support service is a part of our job. While domestic products do not meet our demand for determining the fault of products more efficiently, clearly and quickly and foreign products were very expensive. This condition obliged us to make production. And Nimrof came into the world …


Nimrof Elektronik

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Nimrof - Electronic Diagnostic Devices

2010 to Today Nimrof

We set to work at the start of 2010 with the purpose of determining the faults in electronic cards. After examining the domestic and foreign products on the market for a long time, our roadmap was automatically formed. That classical reason which caused many products to come into the world in our country, shook hands with us. Contrary to sloppy domestic products, we had to produce an improved device which provided actual results. Of course it had to cost much lower than the amount we had to pay to foreign brands…Meanwhile Nimrof started to crawl….

After testing our own work for a long time, we decided to respond to needs of our other colleagues. After latest professional improvements, we release TARZ27 which was our first fault determination model and TARZ27-TFT which is a model with an LCD display. Nimrof started to walk with this step …

Nimrof - Electronic Diagnostic Devices

TARZ27 - TARZ27-TFT, the model with screen is launched!

Nimrof - Electronic Diagnostic Devices

Nimrof, we think it happened!

After our increased self-confidence and the demand we have seen, we started to aim at chronic problems in the fault subjects, and developed AT540 which is a fault determination device for water leaks without destroying the whole building. Immediately after that, The AT550 model which can detect natural gas leaks and a mini model AT560 were released. Briefly, we tried to air our grievance for places where we got hurt without experience and skills…Thus Nimrof was created …